About Sogetsu Vancouver

Mrs. Kiyoko Boycott – Annual Vancouver Ikebana Association Spring Show demonstration


Mrs. Kiyoko Boycott started teaching Sogetsu Ikebana in Vancouver in 1963. The Sogetsu Vancouver Branch was formalized in 1985 with Mrs. Boycott as the director. Sogetsu Vancouver has a growing membership who learn and enjoy the Japanese art of ikebana together. Throughout the year members participate in a number of exhibitions in the Greater Vancouver area. Our major annual exhibitions are:  Vancouver Ikebana Association Spring Show, Steveston Salmon Festival, Powell Street Festival, Chrysanthemum Shows, and the Fall Ikebana Exhibition at Sun Yat Sen Classical Chinese Gardens.

Sogetsu Vancouver Branch has general meetings four times a year, with each meeting including a demonstration or workshop. Our meetings are held on the third Saturday in January, March, May and September. We also take pleasure with our social gatherings throughout the year.

Sogetsu members at our annual Christmas Party
Sogetsu Sensei Hollis Ho demonstrating ikebana at Sun Yat Sen gardens

General meetings are held Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. at the Steveston United Church, Broadway and 2nd Avenue, in Richmond, B.C.

We invite you to view our ikebana exhibitions in various locations during the year. Ikebana classes are available to all. For further information on studying with us, please see our lessons section or contact us directly at info@sogetsuvancouver.com.

Founding Branch Timeline

1963 Kiyoko Boycott first began teaching classes in Canada with strong support from Sogetsu Headquarters.
1964 First Vancouver Sogetsu Study Group established.
1964 Mrs. Boycott is one of the 3 founding members of the Vancouver Ikebana Association, an Association of five active Ikebana schools in the Lower Mainland.
1985 Sogetsu Vancouver Branch officially established.

Mrs. Boycott holds the highest Sogetsu teaching degree of Riji. Sogetsu Japan has honoured Mrs. Boycott with many awards over the years including the Mohansho Award acknowledging her as a model student (1974), Sofu Award for recognition as an outstanding teacher (1978) and the Eiyo Award for Honourable Distinction awarded to a select 127 Riji Teachers worldwide (1997). The Government of Canada and Prime Minister Mulroney awarded Mrs. Boycott a Certificate of Merit for recognition for her contributions to the community (1988).