Welcome to Sogetsu Vancouver Branch. The Sogetsu School of flower arrangement, one of the largest and most modern in technique and outlook, was started in 1927 by Sofu Teshigahara.

The beauty of line is an outstanding feature of the Sogetsu School. From any angle, the lines of the branches, stems, leaves and trunks will be beautiful. Flowers are the product of nature but arrangements introduce the human element.

Sogetsu looks at ikebana materials with fresh eyes and understands the space in arranged flowers. This beauty, which does not exist in a natural state, is ikebana.

In Vancouver, we are very fortunate to live with an abundance of nature. Sensei (teachers) offer ikebana classes during the spring and fall seasons, when students are able to use many of our natural plant materials to discover the joys of ikebana.

The creativity of the arranger can be brought into full play. The credo of the Sogetsu School is that ikebana can be practiced at any time, in any place, by anybody and with whatever material is available.